For over 20 years, the parental group of Immunomart has provided high quality laboratory reagent assays for the life science markets. We are a company led by Scientists to serve Scientists to enable Science for Society.

These research and clinical markets include but are not limited to autoimmunity, endocrinology, infectious disease, oncology and neuroscience. Due to our long-standing arrangements with our qualified domestic and international manufacturing partners, we provide top quality:

ELISA kits

Rapid Tests

Molecular Biology kits and reagents

Laboratory Chemicals



With facilities in Canada and India, Immunomart has a simple yet challenging mission: to provide the best service to the global scientific community. As a team of scientists with many years of bench experience, we know first hand the issues you face every day. That’s why we’ve been working with some of the world’s finest researchers and academics to develop products of the highest quality. And that’s why we carefully manufacture and meticulously test a wide range of reagents to meet your needs, whatever they are. Our dedication doesn’t stop there. We also collaborate, swap ideas and offer reagents that have been extensively tested in areas some of our competitors can’t offer. Quite simply, we’re keen to know what you need so that our expert scientists can meet your requirements. No matter what research area you’re in or which products are of interest, we’re here to help.

Our strong distributor network means we can deliver a dedicated service close to you, wherever you are Immunomart also has the capabilities to technically support any of the products we offer with a modern, fully-equipped partner laboratory Arsh Biotech. In addition, if requested, we can provide our customers with laboratory testing services for specific routine diagnostics as well as various contractual research services. Immunomart is committed to providing you with quality products and professional service. Whether you are ordering our product or talking to one of our technical service representatives, our staff is dedicated to giving you the attention that you want and deserve.

You, as our customer, are our only reason for business. Without you, we would not exist.

We appreciate your business and we will continue to show our appreciation by our professional, friendly, and efficient service. We are ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 13485, ISO 45001 ISO 14001 Certified Organization.